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A guide to Bonded Warehousing

Established in 2008, we are specialists in Bonded Warehouse solutions for alcohol goods handling. If your company produces, imports, exports or trades in wines, beers or spirits in Ireland, you may wish to consider using our services to manage the payment of duties and taxes on these goods.

What is a bonded warehouse?

A bonded warehouse is a privately-run facility approved, licensed, and regulated by the Customs Bureau in Ireland and Irish Revenue.


We provide a secure storage area for producers, importers and exporters to maintain dutiable inventory of alcoholic drinks and to manage the timing of payments to the Irish Revenue and customs bodies.


Bonded warehouses allow importers to defer customs duties and taxes until they are sold within the Irish market or exported, thus alleviating paying a large sum to Revenue all at once. This includes deferral of customs duties, anti-dumping and countervailing duties, excise duties, and other taxes, including the Customs Duty and VAT (Value Added Tax).

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How DVL’s bonded warehouse facilities can support your business

Cash flow optimisation and deferred duty and taxes

Using our bonded warehouse means that you can defer duty and taxes that you would normally pay at time of importation or production under bond, until you eventually sell or export the goods. Having the ability to defer taxes until you sell or export your goods may help to dramatically improve your cash position and avoid cash flow issues.


Storage of imported goods

You can plan and ship your goods into Ireland in advance, and ensure timely availability of your stock to customers as needed.


Better security and insurance

Our bonded warehouses have state of the art security systems and safety measures to ensure your goods are safe for the duration of the time they are in storage. 

Reduced shipping and processing costs

Stock management can be time consuming and expensive but using our bonded warehouse may help decrease s­hipping logistics and processing costs.


Risk reduction

Our bonded warehouses have enhanced health and safety procedures as well as the latest fire protection facilities. Storing your valuable goods in an off-site location can help mitigate risks of damage and theft.


Transport and logistics cost saving

Our bonded warehouses are located in prime positions in Dublin near Dublin Port and Dublin Airport, with easy access to all major motorways. This can save you time and money transporting your goods as well as enabling you to deliver to your customers with shorter lead times.

Administration efficiencies

We are experienced in handling the paperwork involved in setting up and dealing with the Revenue and Customs Departments as well as having reporting and stock inventory systems to meet ongoing regulatory reporting and administration requirements.

Buildings, equipment and personnel efficiencies

Because our bonded warehouses have been specially designed for the storage of wines, spirits and beers, it saves you from expensive warehouse planning permissions and investment in buildings, storage and racking systems. In addition, there is a saving on hiring security, administration and warehousing personnel and the associated training required to meet health and safety standards.

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