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Interior view of DVL bonded warehouse

DVL offer full service, bonded warehouse solutions.

We are Bonded Warehouse solutions specialists and offer a fully integrated service including receiving, warehousing and fulfilment of­ wines, spirits and beer.

Our Bonded Warehouse Facilities

Our state of the art bonded warehouses are specially designated facilities where alcoholic goods can be monitored, reported and stored securely, deferring duty until the goods are taken out of these premises for consumption.

They have been designed and located to make the movement of these goods into, out of, and within Ireland, as simple and efficient as possible

What we do


Our safe, secure bonded warehouses are located in prime positions in Dublin near the central ports with easy access to all major motorways. This can save you time and money transporting your goods and enabling you to deliver to your customers with shorter lead times.



Our bespoke drinks handling systems investment is specifically tailored to the drinks industry.

We are specialists in the intake of alcoholic goods, and the optimal management of same, while on our shelves.


Customs clearance

We are experienced in handling the paperwork involved in setting up and dealing with the Revenue and Customs Departments as well as having reporting and stock inventory systems to meet ongoing regulatory reporting and administration requirements.

Fulfilment & Delivery

We provide convenient and frequent case-based delivery, facilitating our clients with much sought after individualised small batch despatches. This lessens the burden for retailers and HORECA trade customers to use valuable prime realty space for stock holding. We have a panel of preferred service delivery providers


Promotional repackaging

This is an additional optional service. We can repackage your goods for the purpose of promotional campaigns or special events.



We can guide you through the steps required to become a tenant in our bonded warehouse.

Office and full administration support service options are available to our client companies to include stock reports, copy of warrant summary supplied to customs and excise, audit trails and duty reports. We provide clear, unambiguous and timely reporting.

We offer a free consultation and discovery session to assess how your business’s supply chain and alcohol bonding and logistics can be most efficiently managed.

horizontal bottles of wine in the DVL bonded warehouse

Contact us now to see how DVL can support your business

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